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Gabrielle Servant has been diagnosed with a very rare spinal cord cancer. Gabby has 6 spinal cord tumors called Disseminated Spinal Myxopapillary Ependymomas. Approximately 1 in 500,000 are diagnosed with this type of cancer yearly. In December of 2016, in an attempt to remove part of the largest tumor, Gabby underwent spinal surgery. The neurosurgeon could not remove all of the largest tumor without leaving Gabby with a lifetime of deficits, such as paralysis. Gabby has started Proton radiation. She will undergo 5 radiation treatments a week for 6 weeks, a total of 30 treatments.
Gabby has been doctoring at Mayo in Rochester, Minnesota. The countless MRI’s, surgery, numerous doctors, radiation, etc., are all adding up. In an effort to have a cancer benefit to help Gabby out during this difficult time in her life, Gladiators for Gabby was organized.

Gabby is just 20 years old. Gabrielle has a brother, Terry Servant. She also has two sisters, Ashley Servant, and Kiara Peters. Gabby’s parents are Steve Servant and Lisa Peters/Stoller.
Any donations for raffle items, silent auction baskets, service items, and monetary donations are very much appreciated. If you have something you are willing to contribute, please contact us as soon as possible. If anyone is able to donate for this cause, please call Lisa at 608-317-9238.

Donations can be mailed, or dropped off at:
Champions Riverside Resort, W16751 Pow Wow Lane, Galesville, WI or call 608-317-9238
Ettrick United Bank, 22818 N. Main Street, Ettrick, WI
If needed, in the Black River Falls area, Lisa Peters/Stoller can pick up your donations. Please contact Lisa at 715-937-7980.