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On Wednesday 4/4/18 Amy was at work when she experienced a series of symptoms which included visual distortion, speech distortion, nausea, sweating, and a headache. She later was seen in the emergency room at Gundersen Health System where a CT scan was done to rule out possible migraine with aura. CT scan revealed a mass on her left temporal lobe of her brain. Thus she underwent a MRI to obtain better imaging of this mass. Thursday 4/5/18 (The day Amy's life was change forever) the Neurosurgeon read the MRI and explained that from the looks of it the mass was at least a grade 2 tumor and could possibly be removed with radiation and chemotherapy to follow. At this time it was highly recommended to have a biopsy of the tumor to get more information as to the type, grade and extent. On Friday 4/6/18 (the day Amy's family and friends will never forget as the ball didn't only drop but came in like a wrecking ball) Amy underwent a brain biopsy. Following the biopsy the Neurosurgeon informed her and her family based on preliminary report she has a high grade Glioma that is aggressive and requires aggressive treatment.

Amy will have numerous appointments and procedures for the foreseeable future, so an event is being planned at the Witoka Tavern & Reception Hall on 8/19 to help support Amy, her husband Chris and 3 young children during this time. Events to include a meal, silent & live auction and wine pull. For more info:

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