It's PUCK!

Hi.  I'm Puck.  I was born in St. Paul, but have now lived in WI longer than I did in MN...

But I still consider myself a Minnesota boy.  Land of Frozen Ponds & Slapshots.

Wisconsin is my home... and I LOVE it here!  (except for The Packers - my wife does enough cheering for them)

We have two amzing kids, and THAT is what my life is now.  KIDS...   Everything KIDS

If there's a cartoon?  I've seen it.  A movie with singing Trolls.  I know ALL the words.

If it's pink & glittery?  My daughter has it.  If it make annoying sounds?  My son is banging it.

I've been doing this for 2 decades and am the only original member of 95-7 The Rock 

If you need a song played over lunch, email: or hit me up on that Facebook link up above